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About Us

Good4Earth was founded by women of color with the  goal of nurturing future generations by making our earth a better place. We created a virtual community of earth loving consumers, green startups, and nonprofits dedicated to fighting climate change through our app. We help people easily measure their impact on the environment through a simple, fun eco-score and provide actionable and personalized recommendations to lessen their environmental impact. We give our community  a way to be continuously motivated toward good behavior, and recognize their achievements as they make sustainable lifestyle changes at their own  pace. Together we inspire  “ Good Change. Good friends. Good4Earth.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate that every one of us has the capability to make a beneficial impact on our planet and that the work we do today nurtures the generations of the future.

Our Values

Good4Earth inspires our community to adopt environmentally responsible behaviors by sharing trusted solutions and measuring impact. We empower consumers to choose actionable and personalized solutions that can be easily integrated into their lives. Celebrating these eco-friendly behavioral changes unite the generation of today and nurture the generation of tomorrow.

Our story

From our ambassadors!

Helping preserve earth is important to me as it is our happy place for everyone. I am changing my habits to make more eco-friendly choices

Ariadna Perez

Eco-friendly lifestyle is very important to me because I care about the planet we live in and for our children. Lately, we are experiencing so many natural disasters like wildfires, droughts. I am focused on reducing, repairing and recycling.

Yuko Shiozaki

I am actually worried about the growing scarcity of natural resources around us and impact of climate change. I am taking action by using eco-friendly products and going 100 % vegan to protect this beautiful earth for a better living for today and future generations

Kinjal Shah Doshi

For me, sustainable living starts with organic gardening at home as a typical household contributes up to 10-30 % through its ood consumption. My am on a journey to convince my friends and family to grow their own food.

Ravi Jammalamadaka

Our planet is very important to me for our future generations. The way I am helping the cause is by picking up the trash I see everywhere and throw it in the correct bin. I hope to motivate others to help our planet

Guadalupe Loera

Education is a big part of being green. I am focused on reducing water waste and trying to motivate and educate others on reducing water. For e.g. stop using bottled water as it has a huge plastic footprint, carbon footprint. Instead, carry a reusable water bottle everywhere you go.

Namrata Doshi